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"Christina Mims is a courageous, multi-gifted young lady who's anointed by God to serve His people in the earth! I've had the pleasure of working with Christina for over 16 years (as of this writing) and she's maintained a high level of of excellence in all things. Musically, I've had the pleasure of producing, writing, recording and performing at numerous weddings, concerts, schools, funerals, balls, churches, graduations, luncheons and so on (whew!) with her. Having met her at Alabama State University, I've witnessed her growth academically, musically and as a businesswoman! Christina Mims is truly an awesome gift to this world!"  

                     Ron Handy (Multi-instrumentalist)



"Since I've met and gotten to know Christina Mims, I've found her to be a very lovable, awesome and multi-talented individual. Christina always has a pleasant personality and she will go out of her way to help you in any way that she can!"

                                     John Gibbs

                         (Owner-J.G.'s Music Center)




"Christina Mims is a lovely, sweet & talented young lady that I'm proud to refer to as my "little sister". Pretty is what she is and her beauty (inside & out) is what the world needs. The Almighty has truly blessed her with a tremendous musical gift and I love including Christina's music on my radio show (Jazz Oasis)! Amen!"

                   Clayton "The Navigator" Smith 

                 Radio Announcer - WVAS 90.7FM

                    (Jazz Oasis, Blues in the Night)

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