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Equipped with a voice that mesmerizes her listeners, Christina Mims has brought audiences to their feet and moved many to tears. As she pours her heart and soul into each note, Christina pulls from the very depths of her "being" to give her listerners the best that she has to offer. This lovely lady understands how to "deliver" a song!

Christina Mims became interested in music as an infant born into a large family that sang gospel in church and at home. As the daughter of a minister, Christina remembers not being able to contain herself as an eight year old watching a choir rehearsal. As the older choir members "brought the spirit in", she began to "belt" high notes along with them from the pew. "Everyone stopped to see where that loud, spirited voice was coming from," Christina recalls. "Everyone laughed and I've been singing ever since. I guess that was my start", chuckles Christina. She also remembers many hours practicing to the radio or along with a cassette tape player during her early years.

Since that time, Christina Mims has made a lasting impression on her listeners whenever and wherever she's performed. She was a "standout" vocalist in high school and even directed the church choir as well as her high school choir on different occasions. With the understanding that a vocalist has to be versatile, Christina began to lend an ear to any music that came her way; embracing a variety of musical styles including jazz and classical. While completing her studies as a business major at Alabama State University (where she graduated with honors), Christina remained active in the University and Gospel choirs. She also studied classical voice and was called upon to sing solo selections at various University functions. Her vocal skills quickly became heralded by the University and the community-at-large.

 Christina Mims' professional career as a vocalist/ songwriter/ arranger has taken her throughout the southern region of the United States. She has also performed in extended national regions including the Washington, DC area, Martha's Vineyard and the state of Iowa. Christina has performed abroad in Bermuda and the island of Barbados. She can be heard singing regularly with popular saxophonist/multi-instrumentalist Ron Handy and she's also performed a duet "live " with Grammy-winning saxophonist, Kirk Whalum. Her studio recordings have found an enthusiastic audience both on the radio and the internet. Her covers of CeCe Winans' "What About You", Michelle Williams' "Heard A Word", John P. Kee's "Survive" and Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly" have been met with "exhilarating" enthusiasm. In a moment of divine inspiration, Christina collaborated with Ron Handy to pen the lyrics and perform all the vocal parts to an uplifting song titled "HE's Worthy".

A lady who believes in being a positive role model and mentor, Christina regularly gives generously of her time by performing at area schools, nursing homes and the local YMCA. She takes great pride in being able to inspire others (young and old) to be the best that they can be. "Making a positive impact on the lives of others is a goal that anyone can achieve", says Christina. 

Whether she's recording in the studio or performing in an electrifying "live" performance, Christina Mims commits herself to performing at the "highest" possible level. Blessed with an infectious positive spirit and an extraordinary vocal ability that captivates her audiences, she enjoys being able to share her musical gifts and life experiences with others.

Upon listening to her singing voice, you'll agree...the "anointed" Christina Mims knows how to "deliver" a song!!!  

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